Building a Volunteer Pool - FREE

Everybody needs volunteers! Listen for help in avoiding common pitfalls and being ready with a pool of volunteers when you need them.

Waiting until you desperately need them doesn’t make for successful volunteer generation. Rather, think ahead and use this equation in your approach to inviting volunteers:

Prayer + Time + Listening = Volunteers

  • Pray: Jesus, I don’t know who the right people are, but I ask that you make it clear to me who they are, put a willing spirit on their hearts that they could be open to serving, and be present in the whole process.
  • Time: The time to start finding people is when you don’t need them! You know you’ll need them in the future. It makes for low-pressure conversations when you ask them and gives them time to prayerfully consider if the role would be a good fit for them.
    • When praying for leaders in the congregation, pay attention to the names that you think of.
    • Send a letter telling that person you have been praying and ask them to consider volunteering. After they have time to think about it, follow up.
  • Listening:
    • Prayerfully listen to where the Spirit is calling these people.
    • Listen to the people to see what they are passionate about and where they see themselves using their talents.

Thought Starters:

  • Which of these suggestions fit my situation?
  • Who is on my heart as I pray about our church ministries?
  • What is a good way for me to contact those people in my setting?


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