Attracting the Younger Generation

This discussion with a young person about her church experience will spark ideas for you to reach out to younger people in your community.

  • For some, a campus ministry experience in college is a good way to help students think about what it means to live out their faith.
  • The time after college brings different experiences:
    • Interacting with people of all generations
    • Realizing you’re an adult
    • Taking “your parents’ faith” on as your own
  • It’s a surprise to go to church and see nobody like yourself.
  • The pastor (or other church leaders) can make a difference:
    • Recognize a young believer’s desire to be part of the church
    • Encourage that person to action, creating a community of young believers
    • Be a faithful resource 
    • Help them to step into leadership roles; give them a place in ministry
  • Important to young-adult Christians:
    • Be together, “hang out” to create relationships
    • Feel understood
    • Spend time in the Word together
    • Service that allows for them to live out their faith
  • Remember: a church body is made up of mentors and mentees. Nourish those generational opportunities to pass on the faith.

Thought Starters: 

  • Who is a young person with a connection to our church that could pull together a group and start building relationships?
  • Where do we have service opportunities available as an outlet for faith in action?