Using Instagram in Your Ministry

Even though Instagram got its start nine years ago, it is still growing in popularity today. How can churches best leverage this ever-expanding social media platform? 

  • Facebook and Instagram were created as totally separate entities. Facebook was for text-orientated posts and Instagram was for photographs. However, Facebook now owns Instagram. The line of difference between the two is blurring. 
  • Instagram is dominated by younger users. Facebook tends to be for older users and has more users than Instagram. 
  • What church segments benefit most from using Instagram?
    • It’s about engagement—having regular touchpoints with people. 
    • Instagram enables you to expand your reach and provides you with more opportunity to get your message out. 
  • Instagram options
    • Post pictures.
    • Post videos.
    • Use Instagram live
    • Create content for Instagram TV (videos up to an hour)
    • Tell stories (Instagram stories, 15-second segments).
    • Take people “behind the scenes.”
    • Connect with people on their mobile devices.
  • How to learn and excel on Instagram
    • Follow and learn from other people.
    • Browse through ministry-related Instagram accounts. What are they doing? What’s working? How are they adding value for their followers?
    • Try to replicate this.
  • Just start! Be consistent and learn along the way.


Thought Starters: 

  • If you don’t have an Instagram account for your ministry, what’s holding you back?
  • If you currently have an Instagram account, how could you work to maximize your impact?