Churchworkers and Money

CTA Presents: Focus on Leadership

Churchworkers and Money

Introduction: Talking about money usually brings about a lot of negativity. But, by putting three priorities into place, churchworkers can discover God’s design for our finances.


  • God’s design for money is not what we see in worldly culture today.
  • God wants us to leverage our resources for the sake of advancing his Kingdom.
  • You are not responsible for what you do not have, only what you do have.
  • The goal of financial health is to be able to live and give generously.
  • Three priorities from the Bible:
    • Give generously (proportionately, sacrificially, and cheerfully).
    • Save wisely.
    • Live appropriately.
  • God leads us in this. God gave us his own Son as a sacrifice for our sins.
  • How do you give generously on a churchworker salary?
    • Keep giving as a priority, no matter your income.
    • Give proportionately to your income.
    • Trust God in your giving.
  • How do you build savings on a churchworker salary?
    • Save in times of abundance.
    • Save 3–6 months of living expenses so that you’ll be protected in unexpected circumstances.
  • From God and Money: “How much money do I need to keep?”
    • Worldly culture says: the more we earn, the more we spend.
    • The Christian life looks different—leaving margin for giving to others and giving to God.

Thought Starters:

  • What is your biggest budget stressor right now?
  • Make giving goals: list three programs to which you’d like to contribute financially.