Coaching to Develop Leaders

CTA Presents: Focus on Leadership

Coaching to Develop Leaders

Guest: David Smith, life development and spiritual growth coach; David also trains leaders in The Coach Approach

Introduction: Coaching is facilitating the process of helping people to discover their own solution or their own way forward.


  • Jesus’ approach to discipleship
    • Small group
    • Safe environment
    • Questions
    • Calling to action
  • Coaching as a change agent for leaders
    • Influence relationship
    • Help leader grow into their own potential
    • Self-discovery process
    • Relational resource
  • Finding a coach
    • Someone who is well trained in The Coach Approach
    • Great heart for people, believes in me
    • Great fit
    • Faith-filled
    • Ask in network
  • Cost
    • Affected by training and experience
    • Determined by niche (business world is higher priced)
    • Life coaching: $75+

Thought Starters:

  • Who is my “relational resource” to help me be my best?
  • Am I working with people I should encourage to look for a leadership coach?