Conflict among Staff and Leaders

CTA Presents: Focus on Leadership

Conflict among Staff and Leaders

Introduction: Communicating and working as a team are essential parts of getting ministry work done. Unfortunately, conflict among church staff and leaders is inevitable. Left alone, conflict builds and expands. In this Mentoring Moment, Pastor John Richardson talks about how to work through these struggles.


  • Several sources of conflict exist in ministry work:
    • Desire for power or control
    • Ministry silos
    • Unresolved past wounds
  • Church staffs function best when everybody involved understands strategies to resolve conflict.
  • Use these steps to accomplish reconciliation:
    • Gather background information
    • Interview those involved
    • Get spouses into the conversations
    • Have conversations to reconcile
  • The goal: deep and lasting resolution
  • Teach your church staff healthy ways to head off conflict:
    • Strive for honest communication
    • Monitor your own heart and life before God
    • Genuinely want what’s best for your ministry team
    • Get to know one another in an informal setting
    • Role play conflicts at staff meetings

Thought Starters:

  • Consider past conflicts among your ministry workers. What can you learn from those situations?
  • What conflict resolution strategies are you teaching your staff?