Reaching Out to Younger Women

CTA Presents: Focus on Leadership

Reaching Out to Younger Women

Guest: Cyndee Ownbey

Introduction: Reaching out to younger women is a critical part of growing your women’s ministry. Cyndee gives us some practical and helpful ideas.


  • Add younger women to your planning team
  • Think about reaching women via social media; be sure to use the channels where they are active.
  • Use Facebook groups to get women talking with each other.
  • Offer activities that younger women are drawn to. They’ll appreciate the chance to participate in a service project, learn more about the Bible, and work with a mentor.
  • Remember that not every woman will know Bible and church information that lifelong Christians take for granted.
  • Read about the women you’re looking to involve.

Thought Starters:

  • When you look at the population in your women’s ministry, how diverse is it in terms of ages?
  • Which of the ideas presented could you implement next month? next quarter? next year?